BLUDO TONE(ブルードトーン)はアメリカ コロラド州のリトルトンという美しい町にある、小さなギターアンプ工房です。












Each BLUDO-DRIVE is hand built to exacting specifications, and tuned/tweaked to the tastes of the individual player. There are a many voicing options available, and just so the decision isn't SUPER tough, if you get one and need it adjusted/tweaked to suit your individual style, simply ship it back, and we will adjust it free of charge.


  • 100W RMS standard
  • 50W version available by special request
  • 50W version also available with Tube Rectifier
  • 6L6 or EL34/6CA7 output tubes (Customer choice)
  • 6V6 option avalable on 50W version
  • Footswitchable Overdrive
  • Footswitchable Preamp boost
  • Optional internal High Frequency Taper/equalizer 
  • Available as a head or 1X12 combo
  • Available in 10 customizable clean voicings with 10 different overdrive voicings for virtually limitless tone possibilities

If you have ever seen the movie High Plains Drifter, you may recall his side kick Mordecai. What Mordecai lacked in size and stature he made up for in wallup. 
We felt like this was the perfect name for this amplifier. The stock voice of the Mordecai is a cross between the mid 60s southern California sound and its larger sibling the High Plains Drifter,
It presents with a more scooped midrange, and chimey jangle than the High Plains Drifter.The Mordecai has a more immediate and punchy feel versus the High-Plains_Drifter,n ot to mention it is quite a bit more compact and portable at 46lbs and just slightly taller than a Bludodrive.

100W RMS standard
50W version available by special request
50W version also available with Tube Rectifier
6L6 or EL34/6CA7 output tubes (Customer choice)
foot switchable pre amp boost
foot switchable mid boost
foot switchable FET or Reverb (customer choice at no charge)
Available as a head or 1x12 combo
Available in 3 voicings, standard, bludophonix and baby drifter

The HI-PLAINS DRIFTER is 150 earth shaking watts of the sweetest most velvety clean you have ever heard and punch that hits you in the chest!!

Based on the tones made famous by our favorite Sons of Austin, the HPD is EXACTLY what you've been looking for; so forget about "kind of like: or "similiar to", stop setting for "get close" or "in the ballpark", you can finally have the one you really want.


  • 150W, 75W operation via 1/2 power switch
  • FET input, normal input
  • Preamp Boost
  • Reverb with Send and Return controls
  • 6 position Hi filter
  • 6 position Lo filter
  • Preamp output, Power amp input
  • 3 button foot switch: controls FET, PAB and reverb functions
  • Price includes flight case

The Loop-a-Lator is a single rack-space All Tube impedance matching device that allows you to use your Bludo-Drive or Hi Plains drifter to it's fullest potential. The Loop-a-Lator takes the signal from the "Preamp out" and changes the impedance to the proper level to drive your rack/pedal effects, and then brings the level from your effects back up to match the "power amp in". The Loop-a-Lator also acts as a secondary master volume, allowing you to find the "sweet spots" in your amplifier controls, and still maintain a reasonable volume.

When used without effects, the Loop-a-Lator works to "smooth" the high end response of your amplifier, as well as giving your sound a perceived 3D effect.


   Drive level

   Bright switch

   Output level

   Bright switch



    1x12AX7/7025 Hi Mu Twin Triode